Tips on Losing Weight Fast – That Show Results

Did you know that the most effective weight loss is the one you get as a result of an organized weight loss plan? None of these so-called fast track methods actually work as they make you lose the good with the bad. You need to follow an Easy Plan which will help you lose weight properly, maybe not quickly, but definitely more effectively where the weight will stay lost for good.

The formula to lose weight is simple and all you need to do is:
• Watch What you Eat
• Watch When you Eat
• Watch How You Eat
• And A little exercise

Lose Weight Fast Tip #1
When you wake up, you have spent about 6-8 hours without food – you were sleeping remember? So the best thing you can do is eat something within ten minutes of waking up. It’s like giving your metabolism a jolt/wake-up call. Once you’ve had something to eat, then have your coffee. Avoid tea or coffee on an empty stomach because that doesn’t help your metabolism and just gives your system a shock.

Lose Weight Fast Tip #2
Don’t ignore Breakfast. This is very important – no matter how busy you are, or how late you are running, please don’t skip breakfast. It’s your morning kick-start and without fuel in your system nothing will start. Remember breakfast will never make you put on weight because all that you eat gets used up by the evening.

Lose Weight Fast Tip #3
Skipping lunch will send your body into “starvation mode”. Your body responds to missed meals as a sign where “CONSERVE” becomes the mantra. Your body conserves FAT!!! So eat a healthy lunch.

Lose Weight Fast Tip #4
4 pm and you are Hungry again. Eat fruits/vegetables. Remember fruits and vegetables are at their best when eaten whole. Juice, even freshly squeezed will juice out the nutrients. It is much better to save the work and eat the fruit/vegetable whole.

Lose Weight Fast Tip #5
Dinner time! You’re tired, your body is tired. So the best thing to do is have an early dinner to revive and refresh your tiredness and keep the metabolism revving. If you can’t eat early, then just make sure you leave more than an hour between eating and going to sleep for the night. Let your body digest what you have eaten because when you sleep your system also
shuts down. Your metabolism slows and if your dinner has not been digested properly it just store as FAT and attach itself to your stomach or hips.

Along with all these things you need to also COUNT your Calories and put in at least 30 minutes of some form of exercise. For example, go for a walk, spend some time in the gym, go swimming or even cycling. Do a different activity everyday so you don’t get bored. Don’t forget to give yourself a break and take Sundays off. The idea is not to stop eating your favorite food but to eat it in moderation. A little care and consideration for your body will give you strength, stamina, glowing skin and hair and an
upbeat mood 24/7.

Isn’t it all worth that little effort? You decide.

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