Health Benefits of the Fruit Diet

“An apple a day, keeps the doctor away” – this is probably the best way to summarize the benefits of fruit diets for most people. Fruits whether taken in the solid form or as juices, do not only provide you with vitamins and minerals but also help protect your body against diseases by improving your immunity. Different fruit diets have different effects on your body but in general, the beneficial effects of these diet plans are higher than the harmful effects. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you do not follow one particular diet plan for a very long time. Instead, you can alternate between different fruit diets so that your body gets all the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy.

Citrus Fruit Diet:
Citrus fruits including oranges, lemons, limes, grape fruit etc. are a rich source of vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and a number of other minerals. The fruit diet benefits associated with citrus fruits includes a healthier skin, improved blood pressure and a quick weight loss. The diet is followed for forty-eight hours only and requires you to have nothing except for citrus fruits. You can have plain water or citrus fruit juices to drink and only oranges or grape fruit to eat. This flushes down the harmful toxins from your body, improves your metabolic rate and thus helps you burn calories fast.

The best thing about this diet plan is that there is no limit to the amount of juice or fruit you can have, eat as much as you want to since there are no saturated fats in citrus fruits that can accumulate in your body. If you are suffering from diabetes, then try taking in more of grape fruit than oranges since grape fruits makes your pancreatic functions more efficient.

However, the diet plan should not be extended to more than 48 hours; the fruits diet benefits can be maximized only if a balance is kept between the diet plans. The idea is to make you lose weight without reducing the efficiency of your body.

Apple & Berries Diet:
Apples are rich in iron and are usually recommended to people suffering from anemia or lack of hemoglobin in the blood. Apart from this, it is also seen that apples are rich in content that helps your brains memory function, so with an apple diet, the chances of you suffering from Alzheimer or Parkinson disease are very low. Similarly, berries whether they are blue, black or Acai are rich in a number of minerals and vitamins that stimulate your brain functions and help improve your memory and thought process. The diet involving apples and berries is especially good if you want to lose weight permanently.

Unlike the citrus fruit diet, the apple diet involves eating apples regularly but with a combination of other fruits and vegetables, so that your body keeps on fulfilling its protein requirement as well. The fruit diet benefits in case of apples can be increased if you include a combination of apple and orange juice in your everyday routine. Even if you are not following a particular diet pattern, make fruits an essential part of your diet in order to stay fit and well in shape.

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