Health Tips: Effective Diet for Gout

The diet for gout suggested in the early days was so tough and strict that it was almost impossible to follow. However, over time, the medication for gout has improved so much that now the diet for gout does not include missing on your favorite foods and drinks. You must always remember to balance the diet that you are having, excessive use of any particular items can be dangerous for your health in a number of ways. As far as the diet for gout is concerned, here are some of the basic tips that can help you prevent the disease from occurring or in case you are already suffering from it:

Decrease the Usage of meat & poultry:
Many people are not aware of the fact that the main cause of gout is excessive use of meat and meat related products. These products are high in purine, which is considered the main reason for aggravating gout related problems. Therefore, you will have to limit your use of red meat, poultry and even fish to not more than 6 to 10 ounces per day.  Along with this, say a complete no to organic or processed meat, which is full of toxins causing damage to your liver and general body working.

Avoid alcohol:
The use of alcohol is usually associated with problems in elimination of uric acid from the body. It is particularly true for excessive drinking of beer and rum. Therefore, if some symptoms of gout are occurring in your body, the best thing would be to avoid the use of alcohol for some time. Once the symptoms settle down a little, you can have around 150 ml of beer or wine without facing any threat from this problem.

Take in plant proteins:
The main purpose of increasing plant proteins in your diet is to reduce the amount of saturated fats that you take in on daily bases. Replace it with red beans, salads and fruit and vegetable juices in such a way that the body does not remain under nourished. Plant proteins may not be as rich in nutrition as red meat but they are exceptionally good in reducing the chances of occurrence of gout.

Drink as much water as possible:
Water is an essential part of the body; whether you are looking for diet for gout or not, you need to be careful about your water intake. Make sure that you take in at least seven to eight glasses of water or other fluids on average to keep the body systems in good shape.

Add whole grain products to your diet:
It may be a good idea to replace your regular bread and cereal with whole grain products, which are higher in fiber content but lower in calories. Along with this, they are great for the digestive track of the body and play an important role in the elimination of uric acid and urea (the main ingredients leading to gout). Apart from this, make sure that you eat a lot of natural fruits and vegetables since they have no particular side effects and are a great source of proteins and vitamins to keep the body’s immunity system strong.

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