Love Handle Workouts – How to get rid of Unsightly Fat?

Love handles are the ugliest thing in the world. Your wobbly stomach is the reason for your bad appearance and it is time you take a stand and start doing something about it. Some love handle workouts will make you sexy and fit again in a matter of days. These exercises are effective and efficient and many experts and trainers have proved this.

Why do we have love handles? Our lower body or the waist area is a very easy target for your most stubborn fats. If you do not take the right steps at the right time then it will be almost impossible to get rid of them. They will start becoming big rolls of fat. Love handle workout is the best way to get rid of them, the earlier you start the better results you will get. Let’s take a look at these love handle workouts one at a time.

Bicycle Exercise
You will find this exercise very funny. This one is called the bicycle exercise.  Lay on your back on a flat surface. Place your hands exactly beside your head; arch your back forward slightly and touch your left knee with your right elbow. Repeat this same gesture with your right knee with your left elbow. You will feel the cycle motion, this will be best for your love handles because they will be pressed and you will start burning all those fats.

Leg Crunch
You will have to lie down on your back and keep your stomach side up. Now raise both of your legs in the air and make sure you do not curve or bend in the knee region. Place your hands behind your head, raise your shoulders, and bring them back down. This will create a little uncomfortable feeling in your waist area but you will lose your love hands faster with this exercise.

Reverse Crunch
For this exercise, all you would have to do is lay on your left side. Make sure that you are perfectly straight and your head is at right upper extremity. Raise your left leg in the air repeatedly so that your love handles feel the pressure. This is one of the most effective exercises that will not only make your love handles go away but they will also make your legs stronger and your hips and thighs will also become thinner and slimmer. Repeat this exercise on the right side as well.

Twist Crunches
You will start by lying on your back and placing your hands behind your head. Now bend your knees a little and start raising your head in the air. This should be done in such a manner that your right knee should touch your left elbow and your left knee should touch your right elbow. Do this exercise for twenty five times in one set and you will reduce your love handles in a matter of weeks.

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