Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss?

Green tea is a natural tea that is derived from the Asian plant Camellia sinensis. What makes green tea more beneficial to your health is that it is the least processed of all of the commercial teas on the market. The methods used to make the tea preserve more of the teas nutrients.

Green tea is effective in aiding weight loss for several reasons. It contains natural chemicals that help break down fat, increase energy output, control appetite, regulate sugar levels, and reduce bad cholesterol

Green tea is known to increase metabolic rate or how quickly a person’s body metabolizes food. Green tea is high in catechin polyphenols and when combined with other chemicals they increase fat oxidation and thermogenesis. Both of these processes help the body to generate heat which burns fuels such as fat. The more efficiently the body burns fat, the greater the ability to lose weight. When the body burns fat as fuel energy levels will also increase because the body is no longer burning energy but instead burning fat.

Drinking green tea decreases leptin production in the body which helps control appetite. A decrease in this hormone causes appetite to be reduced because a person’s ability to control fat storage automatically causes you to eat less. When someone is able to control the amount and rate of fat storage, it can regulate how often it needs to refuel. When storing fat more efficiently, the need to eat will decrease.

Glucose levels are also affected by drinking green tea. When there is an increase in glucose, losing weight is harder because the glucose stores fat. Green tea aids in weight loss by reducing the level of sugar in the blood. When sugar levels are controlled, the fat storage in the body is reduced.

In addition to affecting glucose levels, green tea also slows down the release of carbohydrates into a person’s body. When the release of carbohydrates is reduced, both fat storage and bad cholesterol are reduced.

Green tea is available in both liquid and capsule form. Drinking 2-4 cups or taking 1-3 capsules every day as part of your routine will help to burn fat. It will also reduce appetite and bad cholesterol.

While green tea will certainly aid in weight loss it is not a magic cure. Exercise and proper diet must be incorporated into your diet plan as well. Green tea is a natural option to assist in weight loss. Its health benefits are extremely important, and with daily use, it is easy for anyone to meeting their weight loss goals.

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