Anti-cancer Nutrition – What are the Benefits of Red Beets?

Natural fruits and vegetables are always considered rich in basic nutrients like vitamins, magnesium, zinc etc.  However, while looking for anti-cancer nutrition, it is very important to search for a substance called Betacyanin, which is the main ingredient in most of the anti-cancer medicines.  This substance not only fights against the cancerous cells in the body but also helps in the protection against cancer in general. So in what natural ways can you get Betacyanin to keep the body healthy and well protected against cancer? One of the most tired and tested formula is the use of beetroot, which is rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, fiber and folic acid along with Betacyanin.

This particular vegetable is especially beneficial for fighting against colon or breast cancer; even if you have not been diagnosed with cancer, regular use of beetroot can reduce the chances of occurrence of cancer in your body. Apart from this, it improves the blood flow in your veins and makes your heart healthy and strong. Many nutritionists are of the opinion that beetroot also helps in digesting your regular food and reduce the chances of constipation or related problems. In addition, as an anti-cancer nutrition, beetroot is also added in a number of medicines given to people suffering from cancer. Therefore, you can imagine the benefits of red beets on your body’s immunity system in particular and health in general. Here are some of the basic tips on the use of beetroot in your everyday life:

How to Use Beet Root?
Most people are of the opinion that the benefits of red beets can be maximized when it is taken in raw form.  It is usually recommended to have it just as it is i.e. wash the beetroot thoroughly, cut it into small pieces, and then have it like a carrot or any other fruit. Try not to fry it or cook it with other vegetables since the heat reduces it nutritional value; however, you can always mix it in salads or with dressings to make it more delicious. A number of people also blend beetroot juice with carrot juice to make it tastier. Juicing the beetroot is not a bad idea since it does not ruin the benefits of red beets.

What is the Right Quantity for Beet Root Usage?
As an anti-cancer nutrition, beetroot can be taken twice a week. Take two fresh red beets, juice them, mix them with greens or carrot juice, and have it with a light salad in your lunch or dinner. However, there is no hard and fast rule as to how many beetroots you can have in a day or at a particular time. You can have as much as you want since it is rich in so many minerals and vitamins. Apart from this, there are no particular side effects attached to it either. Therefore, whether you have a heart problem or cholesterol issues, you can have beetroot without worrying about any damages to your health.

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