Swimming and Fitness – What Are Some Health Benefits of Swimming

For all of you who love to swim, you should take some joy in the fact that the benefits of swimming are numerous but for those of you who have yet to learn how to swim or who fear the swimming pool; it is a good idea to overcome your fears and master this sport.

Unlike other aerobic exercises, you can do a full body workout with no harsh impacts on your skeletal system. This is because when you are in the water, your body becomes much lighter. With your entire body in the water and just your face above the water, the water bears about 90 percent of your weight, which gives you a lot of room to move about, and your muscles instantly start working to resist the movement resulting in the burning of calories.

People who have arthritis can get additional benefits of swimming because moving about the water helps to work out sore and stiff muscles and joints. In fact, do try out all types of exercises in the water that strength and strengthen your muscles; simply put, a couple of laps around the pool should do the trick for your arthritis. Because water is denser, moving through it requires more energy, which means that people used to swimming have more muscular strength and a good bone density compared to people who do not.

In addition to all this, the Benefits of Swimming include the fact that you are moving your entire body, which includes the movement of all of your muscles and ligaments, something that other exercises like aerobics do not achieve.

For those wishing for a stronger heart, swimming is the key because it helps the heart to pump more efficiently and can decrease the risks of coronary heart diseases. One of the main Benefits of Swimming of course is weight loss and in fact, swimming is one of the surest and fastest exercise routines to help you do that. To burn the most amounts of calories through swimming, consider have short bursts of hard workouts in the pool followed by small periods of recovery in the pool. For people with conditions of asthma, working out in the gym or in the outdoors with dry air can be a problem but not so with swimming.

Some studies suggest that the Benefits of Swimming extend to improving asthma conditions like teaching people how to breathe properly and increasing lung volume and flexibility. The aerobic power of swimming can help you get a good cholesterol or HDL level by increasing the flexibility of your endothelium, which is the layer of cells lining your arteries. The many Benefits of Swimming includes warding off the risks of diabetes as well and helping people with type-I diabetes to increase their insulin sensitivity. If nothing else, swimming helps release endorphins that relax the body and makes a person happier. With each stroke under the water, a person can drown out all types of noises and meditate. All of these Benefits of Swimming combines can eventually help you lose weight, tone up your body and help increase the years in your life.

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