Can Cardiovascular Exercise Make You Gain Weight?

While bodybuilding, almost everybody is advised to gain weight but people do not know how to maintain a balance in shaping muscles and losing weight. Most of the times expert trainers advise their clients to do cardiovascular exercises for weight gain. Yes you read that right. Cardiovascular Exercise. If you incorporate Weight training at a higher pace (i.e. Cardiovascular exercise) it can be very effective in gaining lean muscle Mass. Most bodybuilders are using this to get the body of their dreams. There might be many misleading info on the internet that would tell you that you cannot gain weight with cardiovascular exercise, but if you have the right advice then you can start gaining weight safely within a few days.

Gain Weight with Cardiovascular Exercise
How does this exercise help you gain weight? The cardiovascular exercise can be taken in both the directions, you can lose weight with it and you can even gain weight at the same time. Many people think that they have to work out all the time. This will have an opposite effect; you will start losing weight. If you want to gain weight then you would have to keep one thing in mind: do not go overboard with it. All you have to do is train hard and keep your exercise routine fixed to 30-40 minutes. You would have to concentrate on getting tougher each week.

Do not lose heart even if you gain just a few pounds, your own motivation counts a lot. Keep yourself upbeat and try to exercise at least two days in a week. There are a few magical cardiovascular exercises that you can take help from.

This is the big daddy of all the cardio exercises. Squats will be your main exercise. Ideally, you would have to do two sets of squats, and each set should have fifteen squats. You can gain at least eighty percent of your weight through them. Squats will not make your legs bigger, but they will have an effect on your overall body.

Bench Press
Now bench press is very important.  If you want to gain weight with cardio exercise, then you would have to do three sets of bench press at least three times a week. You should do thirty-six bench presses (twelve bench presses per set).

Bent over barbell rows
Bent over barbell rows are also one of the best cardio exercises. You would have to do three sets of fifteen bent over barbell rows. This will keep your shoulders and chest strong and help you build muscle even faster.

Military Press or Overhead Press
Military press or overhead press will both be effective in your cardio routine.  You would have to do two sets of twelve military press or overhead press.

Romanian deadlifts
Now many people think that Romanian deadlifts are just going to make your legs look muscly and heavy but they make all of your upper body more strong, and you will get properly distributed weight gain all over your body. In your cardio ro

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